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Our illuminated signs

As soon as the neon tube appeared in the mid-1930s, Geneva began to decorate its rooftops with illuminated advertisements. Watchmakers, jewellers and private banks share this sparkling and colourful urban landscape. As famous as the flowery clock and the water fountain, the emblematic signs of the harbour are an integral part of Geneva’s image.
Illuminated signs
Illuminated signs


us ?

 Maximum visibility

 Signs connected 24/7

 Universal coverage

 Green marketing

Permanent maintenance

Prestigious locations

Efficient team

High-quality service



Home automation system, what’s that ?

The word may not mean anything to you, but you will have heard about the proliferation of smart speakers that connect and control homes by means of an assisted control system.

Upon one simple order from you, the connected object can play your favourite music, call your friends, research an answer to your questions, as well as turn the light on and off for you…


And what if we could permanently and remotely control your illuminated sign ?

How ?


Thanks to our app, we are able to control the signs we manage. We are notified in real time of potential failures, which allows us to respond quickly whenever necessary.

In addition, we schedule daily start-up times based on sunrise and sunset. On the occasion of the famous fireworks display in Geneva, we can immediately reconnect our signs after the fireworks, so that you can benefit to the maximum from this wonderful impact in the harbour.

By loading our app on your smartphone, you can turn your own signs on and off in one click.

Some prestigious locations

Illuminated signs
Illuminated signs
Illuminated signs
Illuminated signs