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La nuit est belle in Geneva

La nuit est belle in Geneva

Force Promotion turns off
the harbour signs for "la nuit est belle"

On 26th September, public lighting in 209 municipalities of Geneva will be switched off to light up the stars and allow visitors to admire the Milky Way.

The cross-border project is the brainchild of Grand Genève, the Astronomical Society of Geneva and the Natural History Museum of Geneva. Force Promotion has great pleasure in joining the event and bringing this initiative to the attention of all its advertisers who own illuminated signs around Geneva’s harbour.
All of them have accepted the challenge of contributing symbolically and in solidarity to this well-known environmental event. At a time when debates about advertising are stirring up passions, it is good to note the commitment of certain brands whose luminous letters have been part of Geneva’s urban landscape for decades.

For the one night of 26th September, the luminous signs managed by Force Promotion will let the stars steal the spotlight…

La nuit est belle in Geneva