Welcome to the new <br> Force Promotion website

Welcome to the new
Force Promotion website

A more ergonomic site,
a facilitated user experience

Breaking News: this is our Christmas gift to ourselves and to our customers, prospective customers and visitors … A new look and a boost to our website, whose design was no longer in line with the prestige of our services…

A quick access to our advertising display offer

This ambitious project began earlier this year, starting a long reflection on the presentation of our product offer. Force Promotion offers a huge variety of services, from the illuminated rooftop signs, to the Mont-Blanc car park display and hypercentre mobile display, including the new digital screens displayed at 5 star resorts … This extensive range was not readable enough or clearly highlighted on our previous site.

We wanted to be clearer, get to the point, reduce the search time and the number of clicks that lead to the desired information, and thus facilitate the user experience.

Also, with the same desire to best showcase our products, we have worked with photo and video professionals to offer images that reflect the prestige and quality of the products we offer at Force Promotion.

Our customers have also contributed through our new testimonial section and we thank them very much.

What can you expect from the Force Promotion website ?

We will regularly offer a selection of our current products and opportunities, and each month you will find our limited-term promotional offer in the “News” section (to receive a preview, simply subscribe to our Newsletter).

You will also be able to follow all Force Promotion news, local and global. Why note also contribute to the testimonials ?

The website is currently available in French and English and very soon in German too.

We wish you a pleasant visit and for any questions, you can now contact us via our contact form.